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My name is Craig Smith. I’m a novelist, poet and songwriter. I was born in Huddersfield but these days I live in South London.


  • Super-8: A fictionalised version of a ridiculous boating holiday I went on with my pals, back when we were eighteen, packed with shenanigans, scrapes and tomfoolery. Published by the mighty Boyd Johnson.
  • A Quick Word With A Rock And Roll Late Starter: A long poem lamenting and mocking my teenage dream of being a rock star. Published by the good people of Rue Bella.
  • L.O.V.E. Love: A short collection of poems, published by the powerhouse, Smith/Doorstop, (no relation).

Wild Rumpus Press

  • Two Parts Mischief: Written by Geoff Bird, illustrated by Rowan Hoban. We set up Wild Rumpus Press as a spin-off of the Just-So Festival to published Two Parts Mischief. I gave myself the job title of Director of Publishing, partly so it looked good on my CV.


  • Backpacker: I wrote this novel for Axelos, based upon the core guidance, AgileSHIFT. The novel is written in fifty chapters, and will be serialised on My Axelos, Axelos’s subscription portal.

Commissioning and editing

Over the last ten years, I have worked as a Commissioning Editor and Managing Editor, working on books on technology, service management and project management.

  • ITIL Practitioner Guidance: published by TSO for Axelos. I was the commissioning editor, dev editor and copy editor.
  • Whaling For Beginners: a crime novel based on Axelos cyber security best practice. I copy edited the final draft.
  • Raspberry Pi User Guide: the first book I published as a commissioning editor. It sold 30,000 copies in the first three years.
  • Raspberry Pi Projects
  • Raspberry Pi For Dummies
  • Arduino For Dummies
  • Arduino Projects for Dummies
  • UX For Dummies
  • Hudl For Dummies
  • Adventures in Minecraft
  • Adventures in Arduino
  • Adventures in Raspberry Pi
  • Adventures in Python
  • Designing the Internet of Things
  • Python Testing
  • Inbound Marketing and SEO
  • iOS Programming
  • Smashing Android UI
  • Smashing Responsive Design.


  • The Company Freak: My latest venture. Kind of indie pop, with a few less guitars and a couple more drum machines. It’s just me, recording at home, with a few pals chipping in, (thanks, Screeching Blue Jays; thanks, Katie Caserta).
  • The Ephemerals: A sidelined side project, with one album, Love Songs From the Feral Park. A proper studio album, paid for out of my own pocket. I’ve made about £4.50 of it back, too! I’ve the skills to pay a little bit of the bill!
  • The Scaremongers: Formed with my pal, Simon, back in the day. We had a nice time of it for a while. Our first gig featured on the Culture Show; our seventh, from Latitude, on News Night Review. We released one album, Born in Barn, and three Double A-sides. Simon wrote about it in Gig. The Scaremongers have been mothballed these last ten years, but you never know. It’s from here inherited the nom de web, Clattermonger.

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