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Weekend Over

October 11, 2009

With the arrival of my little brother, the weekend couldn’t fail to be a peach. We played tennis twice, took down two satellite dishes from the back of the house, watched the Rugby League Grand Final, (yay Leeds) in Soho and we had a fine breakfast with friends Mike and Allyson and did some music. All very pleasing.

Glen has volunteered to help landscape the back garden here, and he’s adamant that we should wait till spring so the winter frost can’t penetrate the cement. I’m chomping at the bit to get going, but he’s right, and I’ll have to content myself with drawing designs of how it will look and sourcing the materials we will need – a shed, a summer house and a couple of composters, which I can use to break down the brambles and weeds which are piled up in a breeze block pen at the end of the garden. This is a proper project, and it’s worth doing properly. The target for completion is next summer, and when it’s done it will look fantastic.

So, I have to learn a bit of patience from my younger sibling, and think bigger. There are natural timescales for these things. I need to bide my time!

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