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Women Singers CD – my onbody design

November 28, 2009

My very good friend Bruce Connell has set a challenge for a bunch of us to each come up with a CD featuring Women Singers.

Above are the various designs I’ve come up with for my CD using 4 Sharpies and pretty much no imagination.

Here’s the track list. It’s a pretty fine compilation, though I say so myself.

I created 9 copies, as I think there are 9 people in our little music circle. iTunes would only let me make 7 copies of songs downloaded from the Apple Store, so as a workaround, I ripped one of the CDs back into iTunes and created a new playlist from that.

I have every reason to believe that when these 9 CDs are circulated, and when each of my fellow CD makers circulates theirs, we will all discover music that is new to us, new singers that we want to hear more of. We will look into back catalogues and maybe even go to see the singer in question if they are still around. We will make purchases. What we are doing is illegal, but I would be confident in saying we will be doing more marketing for many of these singers than the record companies have done in umpteen years. Seeing the crime and not the benefit is something the record industry is intent on. I spend a lot of money on music. I tell people about the music I enjoy. This CD – illegal as it may be – is me telling people about music I love. They – fingers crossed – will be as smitten as I am. What’s wrong with that?

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