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Today’s New Favourite Best Song Ever

March 29, 2011

The summer of my O Level results, we went with Huddersfield Rucksack Club to the South of France. I was big into The Who back then, but I’d safely passed through my NWBHM tunnel vision phase and I was open to other things. Among our number were the Leadbeater Twins, who were quiffed up Elvis-style, and Jommy, aka Jonathan Hubbard, who was big into Rockabilly. (Jommy explained the relationship of the various -abillys: Gene Vincent and Carl Perkins were Rockabilly. The Stray Cats were Punkabilly. The Cramps were Psychabilly. And King Kurt were Sillybilly. Jommy passed through all of these in his teen years).

One evening we went to a funfair in Bayonne, and as we stood beside the dodgems, the DJ played the Stray Cats’ version of You Can’t Hurry Love. Then, as now, it sounds magnificent, and while The Supremes version is undoubtedly the greatest of all, this is still great fun and worth a listen:

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