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Vansen Jonsen and the History of Cool Rocking Records

November 25, 2012

About ten years ago, I started writing a novel about a music entrepreneur called Vansen Jonsen. Jonsen was an American draft dodger who moved to the UK in the early sixties and worked through the history of British pop music. He was part Bill Drummond, part Tony Visconti, with a touch of Richard Branson, a jigger of Larry Parnes and a smatter of Andrew Loog Oldham. The novel was a place to dump all the daft ideas about pop music I harbour, all the daft schemes I’ve come up with over the years, the screenplays for films that I’ll never get chance to make, the band names that were never quite good enough for bands I was in but which I wanted to find a home for.
Anyway, the first draft is written. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to writing the second draft.

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