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My Least Favourite Song

May 7, 2014

I thought I’d struggle with My Least Favourite Song because I try and stay away from negative stuff. I much prefer to be positive where I can. But it took me about three seconds to realise Texas I Feel the Same About You was the perfect candidate. It’s such a bad song in a million ways. The fact that it shamelessly rips off Al Green and Marvin Gaye is shocking. And the hookline doesn’t sit right on the melody and because of it, the meaning is changed, (that kind of thing drives me nuts!). It’s just lazy, lazy, lazy pop. (I’ve added the link to the song but I won’t embed it into this post. I don’t want that crap clogging up my blog!)

When I was first getting into music, you went to great lengths not to sound like anyone else. The worst insult that could be leveled at your band was you sounded like Echo and the Bunnymen or the Teardrop Explodes or whoever. These days bands seem to actively chase after the sound of big name bands. But Texas came out of punk, or the arse end of it, anyway, and should have known better. But they didn’t, or they chose not to. There’s a circle of Hell reserved for bands that should have known better.

Anyway, that’s enough negative stuff, and enough time thinking about a crap song. Looking forward to the next post, A Song That Makes You Happy.

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