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A Song I Can Dance To

May 14, 2014
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I used to love dancing. I would get up anywhere, anytime, alone or with friends. Provided I loved the song, nothing would stop me. It takes a bit more of a push to get me up on the dance floor these days but I thoroughly enjoy it once I shake the rust from my joints and get into the groove.

A bunch of us go away together for New Year, and invariably we have at least two nights giving it plenty in the church of dance. We each pick 5 songs which play at random so at some juncture your songs will turn up but you’re never quite sure when. It’s great fun.

This was the first song that turned up after midnight on New Year’s Eve. It’s as important a message song as you’ll ever hear, and it’s irresistible.

Enjoy Yourself, The Specials. (And a link to a magnificent live version).

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