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A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure

May 18, 2014
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I generally don’t feel guilty about the music that appeals to me. Music is there to be enjoyed, whatever it is, however it comes to you. I might occasionally not mention certain things I like in front of certain people if I think it won’t go down well – I’m not confrontational and I don’t like to court controversy for the sake of it – but at the same time, if asked I wouldn’t dream of denying I like something, whoever it is that is asking. I’m not going to fib in order to prevent myself looking uncool in someone’s eyes.

The stuff I feel guilty about – on the rare occasions I feel guilty about music – is when the lyrics don’t tally with my world view. Which is to say, when they are misogynistic, homophobic etc. Of course, if the music is crap as well it makes it very easy to deal with – haha, they’re sexist *and* they’re shit – but when the music is magnificent, what are you supposed to do, pretend that you’re feet aren’t dancing?:

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