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Garden to-do list

June 9, 2021

Here’s a list of things I need to do in the garden:


  • buy a new drill bit to pre-drill the screw holes
  • build the shed
  • fasten it in place
  • treat it
  • fill it with tools, paint, etc

Removing rubbish

  • the old fence
  • the rubbish at the front of the house
  • 130 flags
  • the 150 rubble sacks filled with rubble
  • a chest of drawers
  • the old garden table and chairs

Fixing the side fence

  • replacing the slat that fell off
  • screwing the slats in place
  • treating it
  • painting the base white

Laying the garden path

  • buying the pavers and cement
  • laying the pavers
  • deciding what to do about the drain covers
  • deciding what to do about the path through the lawn


  • replace the felt on the roof that has come away
  • treat it inside
  • get the electrics looked at
  • take the masking tape from the windows


  • sort out the base for the bench
  • paint the metalwork
  • paint the woodwork


  • buy the turf
  • buy the top soil
  • spread the top soil
  • lay the turf
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