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June 16, 2021

I love Shazam. When I’m out an about, I sit with my phone on the table, open to Shazam, ready to identify lovely songs I hadn’t come across before. Here’s a short list of songs that I heard in cafes or pubs which I previously didn’t know:

  • The Creeper, Young-Holt Unlimited
  • Mother Nature’s Son, Ramsay Lewis
  • My Old Flame, Charlie Parker
  • I’m Glad, Captain Beefheart
  • Parlez-Moi D’amour, Max Steiner
  • Pembe Mezarlık, Model
  • Santeria, Sublime
  • Engine Number 9, Wilson Pickett
  • Dominoes (Fallin’ Like), Donald Byrd
  • Veronica, Bert Jansch
  • The Payback, James Brown

I’ll do more Shazamming on here in the future. I like it.=

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