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The New Shed

July 31, 2021

I built a shed. By ‘built’, I mean I bought it in bits and fastened it together, like an Ikea wardrobe but for outdoors. Still, I got pretty handy with the drill, and I did a fine job making a base from that old path I mentioned several posts ago, (you remember the one! the one about the path!) And I’d never put felt on a building before, so that was something of a learning curve.

Top marks to the shed people, they included more of everything I needed when it came to screws, felt tacks, etc, which was brilliant because I could make mistakes or drop them and lose them in the soil, and it wasn’t an issue.

When I lay a new path down the house return, I’ll use the same tiles to make the shed base a little less raggedy.

So now, I need to put stuff in it. It’s going to be a convenient dumping ground for anything we *don’t* want in the house or in the summerhouse. Which is good, because it will give us more space to play in.

And I have a shed.

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