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A Song That You Wished You Heard On The Radio

May 23, 2014
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Living in South London, I hear a lot of crap from passing cars. Terrible, terrible four-to-the-floor dance music that rattles the very framework of the the car the song emanates from, as well as the foundations of our house. (I used to get quite angry about it until I came to see it as an early warning signal that there was a dickhead on his way!) They can’t enjoy listening to music like that, surely! I can only conclude there is some other reason for putting such rubbish music on so loud.

Anyway, so for a while I’ve been thinking a good music blog meme would be Songs Heard From A Car Window. Those little snippets of wonderful music that brush past you in the street.

And one song I heard at the corner of Ellison Road and Greyhound Lane was Gene Vincent‘s Be Bop A-Lula. Now, that’s a great record to stumble upon!:

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