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A Song From My Favourite Album

May 24, 2014

It’s either incredibly fashionable to love Springsteen or it’s incredibly unfashionable. I never know which, and frankly, it doesn’t bother me either way. I don’t love the guy unconditionally but his first two albums are both in my top 10 albums of all time. I love Nebraska and I like bits and pieces of lots of his other albums, but the two albums I really love are the first two. Greetings From Asbury Park and the Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle are exuberant, imaginative, wordy, tunefully and wonderfully arranged. (I feel I ought to offer my apologies to Matt and Russell, at least one of whom has nothing but contempt for the Springmeister).

To pick just one track, hmmm, that’s tricky. It’s going to have to be New York City Serenade:

“Walk tall or don’t walk at all” indeed!

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