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A Song You Listen To When You’re Angry

May 25, 2014

A few years back, I was driving up Glasgow to stay with the In-Laws. I was traveling alone after working in Oxford all day. I’d caught the train there from London and picked up a hire car after calling at Blackwell’s Broad St and Waterstones.

Within 5 miles of joining the M40 northwards, the traffic slowed down to a halt. We sat and we sat. Three hours. And then, as sometimes happens, it cleared within a matter of minutes and we were rolling again. I have no idea why we were stuck. It had been cleared by the time I got there. It must have been an incident around Banbury but I don’t know for certain. (I’m of belief that we should be told what the hold-up was. If you’ve wasted, say, an hour or more, with all its attendant inconvenience and headaches, it’s not unreasonable to want to know why you were stuck).

Anyway, 3 hours! I was livid. And though I flicked through channels and tried to listen to music, the only thing that had any calming benefit whatsoever, was this kind of thing.

French football radio commentary. I have no idea what game I was listening to or who the commentators were, but a couple of hours lost in a game I couldn’t comprehend between two teams I didn’t know did the trick.

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