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30 Songs in 30 Days – Day Six – Beyond the Garden Path

September 26, 2014

Beyond the Garden Path, Day 6 in my 30 Songs in 30 Days project, is possibly my favourite song of mine. I recorded it for the Love Songs From The Feral Park album, a nicely recorded version you can hear on Bandcamp which is the best recording I’ve made in terms of arrangement, the balance of sounds etc. I got the nucleus of an idea for the song after a Thursday night out in Sunsets nightclub, which I mentioned in the song I Was With You. I was working as van driver for a Motor Factors, delivering car parts to garages around Huddersfield, and I was a bit hung-over and I didn’t have a guitar with me, so I had to memorise the melody and keep it in my head until I got home. But as the Boy McCartney says, if you can’t remember a song, how do you expect anyone else to! The tune sat in my back catalogue of songs, unfinished, for many years before I finally dusted it off and made it fit for public consumption.

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