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30 Songs in 30 Days – Day Seven – Love Song in C

September 27, 2014

Love Song in C is the song through which I realised a step ladder would make a good camera stand. No longer am I trying to balance my iPhone on the light switch or the mantlepiece. I can now roam the house in my pursuit of the perfect camera angle. I suddenly feel like Orson Wells.

Love Song in C, contrary to the misleading title, is in C minor. I love minor chords. And the occasional seventh. I have a dogmatic belief that you don’t need anything other than majors, minors and sevenths. Anything else is for the benefit of other songwriters, not the listening the public.

Pretty much everything I write starts off in C. With The Scaremongers, as far as I can recall, every song we have ever done in C, which is a key that suits Simon’s voice. But as the song says, “it doesn’t matter what key if it means as much to you as it does to me”.

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