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30 Songs in 30 Days – Day Eight – Wupping

September 28, 2014

Day Eight. Into my second week. I’ve had a very pleasing response from my friends, who have been positive and encouraging. Thanks, everyone!

The title, Wupping, is a carry-over from the original chorus – “I took a Wupping, Game, Set and Match.” “Dress up warm on these cold winter’s nights” is a better hook-line, I think, but Wupping is a good word and makes for a good title.

There’s a version of Wupping on the album Pop Happening Volume 4. That version is 4/4, with beats and all sorts of instrumentation. Here it’s in 12/8 and the only instruments are the ones you can see. This is one of those songs that, if a guitar is going around at a party and we’re all taking a turn, is my go-to song. My party piece.

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