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30 Songs in 30 Days – Day Seventeen – Upon Loneliness

October 7, 2014

God, I look knackered.

I did my third solo gig last night. The gigs have just been Open Mic Nights, so it’s not like I’m on the bill on merit, but it’s been really useful to play in front of an audience, to hear myself, to have one shot at any given song on any given night. I’d like to think the performances are getting better each time, aided by the fact that I’m practicing a lot, bashing away at each tune until it’s indelibly embedded in my memory, (well, kind of!). These videos have been a massive boon, too. I’m getting to know my voice better and and to understand what I can play and what I can’t. I’m a much better player when the mic or video is switched off, so I need to figure out a way of getting confident enough in my playing to play my best when I’m playing live.

I played three songs last night, Something On My Mind, Long White Wedding Dress and By The Time We Said Goodnight:

The gig was at the White Lion in Streatham and my performance was filmed on my mobile phone by my friend, Mike, (thanks, Mike – sorry I didn’t have a decent stand to support the camera on). I played my first solo gig at the White Lion a couple of weeks ago, when I played Upside Down and How To Build An Empire. My other gig was last Friday at the Pied Bull in Streatham, where I did three songs, Long White Wedding Dress, Mirrorball and Lights on Barkhouse.

So anyway, I was up late last night, which you can really see on my face. I look shattered. That’s the trouble with doing a song a day – you need to make the effort even if you don’t have the energy. Upon Loneliness is one of my favourite songs of mine, and I haven’t really done it justice, here.

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