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30 Songs in 30 Days – Day Eighteen – Legendary

October 8, 2014

Of all the songs I’m recording for this project, Legendary is the only one that was significantly co-written. If you know anything of the history of The Scaremongers, which is the band I formed with Simon Armitage when we were in our twenties and then revisited a few years ago, Legendary was one of the few we worked on together back in the first incarnation, and then finished and recorded once we re-formed. Simon’s lyrics are tremendous on this one, a joy to sing. Simon sings the original wonderfully well and the arrangement is superb, thanks to some lovely organ from Nick Watts, rock solid bass from Glen Smith and absolutely divine counterpoint vocal by Sue Armitage aka Speedy Sue.

I wanted to include at least one song from the Born in a Barn album because I’m very proud of it and I want people to know about it. Legendary is up with my favourite songs on the album. I really love it.

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