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30 Songs in 30 Days – Day Twenty-Three – The Best Revenge

October 13, 2014

The light was fading. The evening was drawing in. With the last vestiges of the October sun, the lad from Yorkshire picked up his guitar and started to strum. The Best Revenge.

The line, “the best revenge is to live well”, was given to me by my pal, Jason Dunne. I don’t think Jason would claim the line as his own, (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, Jase) but it’s a great thought – if you dwell too long on the wrongs done to you, you’re the one to lose out. If you want revenge, then show you’re not affected by what happened. Move on. Leave the heartache behind.

There’s a version of this floating about on my hard drive which I recorded with Mike Mann in the High Sessions, which includes drum beat, backing vocals, electric guitar and organ. It’ll (eventually) appear on the album, Winner of the Fight, when I finally finish it.

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