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30 Songs in 30 Days – Day Twenty-Four – Good Times

October 14, 2014

Good Times has been languishing in my unfinished songs folder for a long, long time.  I really wanted to include it in this project – I think it’s one of my best tunes – so I bashed it into shape, re-writing the lyrics. One of things I’ve noticed from the videos I’ve filmed for this series, the songs miss a full arrangement. That doesn’t necessarily mean an array of other instruments, but playing a block of four bars of one chord as an introduction before I start singing doesn’t really cut it. To some extent, I’ve been keeping the intros simple because my faith in my guitar playing hasn’t been great. But I’m feeling a little bit more confident about being able to nail a phrase, now, after all this practice. So I’ve added the little guitar motif at the start and end of each phrase, which also allows me to catch my breathe before I move on with the next chorus or verse.

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